Sad news that the Man on the Moon is to shut in Cambridge  The original story was that it was to be converted into flats.  It's not apparently and will still remain a pub.  Whether it will be so open for the kind of uses I reminisce about below is another matter.

It was about 10 years ago that my friend Peter said to his friends "Why don't we start a DJ night?". I'd like to think I said "Hell, yeah" or something but probably said "What? I dunno". "It's £120, they take the bar take, we have the ticket money and the back room is ours". Then I was more interested. Aural DJ night was created. Some of us DJ'd, some helped on the door, flyered and so forth. 

It lasted over a year, and we probably never did make a profit. The pub said our bar take was good for the amount of people though! Most times we only managed to persuade friends to turn up, but they did, which was awesome  And I got to play all my favourite music, really loudly!

I'll always be grateful to Peter and the MotM for giving me the chance to be part of that!


One of our flyers

One of our flyers

Nomadic working in Cambridge

Over the last 2 years running my own company as an app developer, I think I have found pretty much all the best places in Cambridge to work productively as a lone worker without an office.  Firstly I should say that I do work at ideaSpace which is a great place for coworking as a hot desker, so technically I have an office but I also like the atmosphere of working in coffee shops.

Coworking Spaces

ideaSpace – Situated in the Hauser Forum, ideaSpace offers an Enterprise Accelerator program, with coworking and hotdesking memberships.

Future Business – An organisation offering affordable workspace around Cambridge.

Cafés with free Wifi

Cambridge Arts Picturehouse – nice bar, although sometimes erratic Wifi connectivity
Cambridge University Students Union – daytime in-term access to café for non-students. Very fast Wifi.
CB1 – a homely and relaxed café on Mill Road
CB2 – has a spacious and quiet upstairs area and good Wifi
Costa Coffee – you need to ask for hourly Wifi tokens but at least it’s an option.
Greens – a bright café area connected to the gym with good Wifi and customer service.
Starbucks – free Wifi with a Starbucks Card (needs to be loaded with £5 to get one).
Waterstones – large and quiet café area on the second floor of the Sidney St store.

2nd View Cafe @ Waterstones

2nd View Cafe @ Waterstones

Pubs with free Wifi

The Boat House

The Cambridge Blue

Devonshire Arms

The Fountain

Kingston Arms

Portland Arms

Other working spaces

Cambridge library  – free Wifi (limited to 500Mb) and quiet working conditions with expectation on you to over-consume coffee.